Robyn McGinnity

Robyn is a partner at the McGinnity Room and mostly works behind the scene supporting the day to day operations, while relishing every successful event. She proudly embraces her role of furthering her namesake-husband Dan’s legacy of fun, fairness and compassion.  Like the rest of the team, she wants every event at The McGinnity Room to contribute to that legacy.  She deeply appreciates that this fun venture is spreading joy as Dan did every day of his life.  You will likely see Robyn zipping in and out of the back office between events and doing whatever needs to be done to help create a treasured experience for all who enter our doors.

Kimber Maute

Kimber is our professional bar manager/bartender and a key part of our operations at The McGinnity Room. She brings over 20 years bar-tending experience and can help make sure you’re well supplied for your event.  You’ll not only enjoy the libations she serves up, but you’ll appreciate Kimber’s pleasant, prompt and meticulous service.

Melissa Sadler

Melissa is our secret weapon at The McGinnity Room. A partner and our booking specialist, Melissa doesn’t miss the details, loves organization and has more calm and patience than most humans you’ll ever meet. You’ll likely talk with and correspond by email with her. And, you may not know how vital she is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, because she avoids the limelight. But trust us, she’s a critical piece of our success and we couldn’t do it without her. Tell her what you need and she’ll get you set up for success.

Kim Culberson

Our hospitality specialist and a partner at The McGinnity Room, Kim puts her full heart into everything she does. Starting as a waitress in her family’s restaurant when she was just 8 years old, she’s never lost the high of making everyone’s experiences enjoyable. She hugs with gusto, gets breathless when a new exciting idea comes in our door and simply can’t help herself from being helpful! Kim is available for hire as your event coordinator. You can count on her to think of fun details for your event and ensure everyone has a great time. She also acts as our venue coordinator to make sure our staff is lined up to help at your event. Meet Kim just once and you’ll know why everyone loves her so much.